Printed Wallpaper

Decorate your home with stunning designs from Versatile Impressions. We do printed wallpaper to your requirements, we only use high quality paper for our printed wallpaper. You can choose images from “Shutterstock” or any other computer site with a high resolution. We can even do family photos.

Design your own custom wallpaper.

Add a splash of personality to your various home screens, or create an eye-catching backdrop for your business.

Design your own wallpaper

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Why Choose Versatile for your home

Versatile is the preferred supplier to large corporate companies and contractors of choice in and around the Gauteng Area.

  • We offer quality printed wallpaper that suits your every need.
  • We offer a 1 year guarantee on all of our products and installations.
  • Design in Affordability. Customize your wallpaper like you want.
  • Versatile offers only wallpaper made from the finest paper.
  • Delivery has never been so easy before, we deliver it right to your door.

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Printed Wallpaper

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