AMBIENT- Solid wood, Aluminium infused PVC & Aluminium Shutters

The Ambient Shutter Range is a unique blend of timeless elegance, luxury, security and shade. Its main features are the sleek and patented Flush-Lock and Louvre Lock system, which lies close in proximity to the main body of the shutter. This unique feature is not only a design element to the Ambient Aluminium Security Shutter range, but is also its defining characteristic. Ambient Aluminium Security Shutters are identified for their elegance and practicality. It’s manufactured locally here in South Africa and these Shutters are the answer to all your modern needs. They provide a single attractive solution for security, privacy, sun protection, and ventilation. They come in 4 defining colors; Satin White, Stone, Bronze and Black.

Why should you consider our Ambient Shutters?

Longer Lifespan | Aesthetics | Privacy | Ventilation | Easy to Clean | Child Safety | Capital home improvement | Security

Technical Specifications

UV Blockage: 100% when closed
Weight: 11.5Kg per m²
Min/ Max width: Min: 250mm – Max: 850mm
Min Max Height: Min: 350mm – Max: 3000mm
Material: Aluminium
Warranty: 10 Years
Usage: Interior and Exterior

Added Information about Ambient Shutters

Ambient Satin White Max-Lock Close-up. Designed for style and made for maximum security.

The Patented Louvre Lock adds extra security and is featured in both the Ambi-Lite and Ambi-Max security option.

The Patented Flush-bolt Lock is unique in design and fits sleekly into the style of the shutter. It is a push button slide lock.

The Ambi-Max Lock has the added security benefit of a key lock, which is ergonomically placed and easy to use.

Some Recent Installations

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